Email Marketing Metrics That Matter

It’s admittedly easier to execute an email marketing campaign than it is to measure, learn from and improve upon one. Maybe that’s why as an email marketing vendor, we see so many companies relying on simplistic metrics, unaware of how to make changes that matter to their campaigns.

If you’re wondering  whether your metrics are providing you with any real actionable insight–and how to act on that insight–good news: The newest email marketing whitepaper to be added to our growing email marketing library will take you beyond measuring open rates and click-throughs, to some metrics that really matter.

From the powerhouse email solutions provider Silverpop comes “Beyond Opens and Clicks: 5 Email Metrics to Boost Results and Prove Your Worth.”

We’re adding this to our content-rich library just after our own Michael Kelly spoke on almost that very topic at last week’s Silverpop summit.    And like Michael’s talk, this email marketing whitepaper clarifies why metrics matter, common challenges like the sheer volume of data, and metrics to consider adapting.

The paper doesn’t deliver up a set way to measure that will work for every email marketer. So it’s up to you to choose. As the whitepaper states: “The important thing to keep in mind is that the metrics you focus on should enable you to answer the question, ‘What lies behind the response to this message or campaign, and how can I improve upon it?’”

You need to be able to do more than just report a 93% open rate. Your email marketing has goals beyond that. So when deciding what your metrics will be, think beyond the open rate and click through and consider things like remembering your goal is a long-term relationship, and spotting trends you can act upon.

There’s always room to improve your email marketing ROI. But you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

To download this email marketing whitepaper, go to our email marketing library and scroll down to the last whitepaper listed under Silverpop.