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Email Stats Can Help Email Marketing ROI

If you like numbers, and everyone in email marketing has to be a bit of a numbers geek, you’ll like this website! The Email Stat Center offers all kinds of numbers and stats that could help you possibly improve your email marketing ROI. From branding to budgeting, from lines to subject lines, this website serves up […]



Announcing New Email Deliverability Service from ClickMail 1

As an email deliverability consultant focused on improving your email marketing ROI, ClickMail Marketing launched an advanced, new email deliverability service at the opening session of the MarketingSherpa 2010 Email Summit last month. The ClickMail Deliverability Assessment is designed for organizations that are looking to improve their email marketing ROI by using email deliverability tools. […]

Add Preference Centers to Your Email Deliverability Best Practices

Think about this: You’re impacting your deliverability rate even before someone signs up. That’s because it all starts with the subscriber: whether they want to hear from you, and how engaged they are with your email. Moving forward, major ISPs will be measuring the subscriber engagement when determining whether or not your email is spam. […]

impacting email deliverability


Email marketing vendor offers objective new guide to choosing ESP

ClickMail Marketing is unique among email marketing vendors for several reasons. One, we are vendor agnostic, representing a dozen different ESPs and other email service providers. Two, we have the capability to do something as simple as build a landing page and as complicated as building a custom reporting dashboard. Three, we strive to objectively […]