Daily Archives: February 4, 2010


Email Deliverability: Find Out What The Top ISPs Want Now!

Pivotal Veracity gets to do something others in email marketing don’t: They get to sit down with the ISPs and find out exactly what’s on the email deliverability horizon. Now in a pivotal report by Pivotal Veracity titled, “What’s in store at the ISPs, 2009-2010,” you can learn what to expect in the coming year […]

Shrinking Email Marketing Budget? Don’t Skimp on Your ESP!

The clouds of recession still hang gloomily over our collective email marketing heads. But even if this economic downturn has led to a budgetary one in your email marketing department, and your email marketing budget seems to be going the way of your home’s value, keep spending money where it matters: your email service provider […]



When You Compare Email Marketing Services for API Integration, Use These Tips

When you need your ESP and your other applications or data sources to play nicely together, you need API that works. The latest issue of the ClickMail Marketer email newsletter serves up 6 tips for making sure your Application Programming Interface (API) integration does what you want it to do when you start to compare email […]