Email marketing vendor offers objective new guide to choosing ESP

espguideClickMail Marketing is unique among email marketing vendors for several reasons. One, we are vendor agnostic, representing a dozen different ESPs and other email service providers. Two, we have the capability to do something as simple as build a landing page and as complicated as building a custom reporting dashboard. Three, we strive to objectively educate, through this blog, our email newsletter, and our email marketing whitepapers.

The latest of our email marketing vendor publications is the 2010 guide to choosing an ESP, newly published, newly available for download.

Last year when we published our seminal whitepaper on the top 20 factors to consider when choosing a top tier ESP, we were amazed at the response. Email marketers were delighted with that whitepaper and its objective yet exhaustive list of criteria to consider.

We soon realized one whitepaper wasn’t enough, because the email marketing landscarpe is always changing, especially these days. We converted the whitepaper into an annual guide instead. Publishing an updated guide annually will enable us to keep the guide up-to-date with shifting trends and technologies.

We re-evaluated all 20 factors in light of email marketing in 2010. We removed four factors and added three, and really beefed up the integration information, adding social media integration as a factor to consider.

For each of the 19 factors included in the guide, you’ll see why it matters and what to look for, so you can make decisions based on your organization and your goals. There’s also a scoring sheet you can use for easier comparisons.

This is one tool that definitely belongs among your email marketing best practices. Download the 2010 guide to choosing an ESP today.