Announcing New Email Deliverability Service from ClickMail

deliverabilityAs an email deliverability consultant focused on improving your email marketing ROI, ClickMail Marketing launched an advanced, new email deliverability service at the opening session of the MarketingSherpa 2010 Email Summit last month.

The ClickMail Deliverability Assessment is designed for organizations that are looking to improve their email marketing ROI by using email deliverability tools. Even if you’re following email deliverability best practices, you’re no doubt ending up with some emails in the spam folder or blocked completely.

The ClickMail Deliverability Assessment combines email best practices, technology and ClickMail’s deliverability expertise for a service that provides:

  • A Specific Deliverability Results Report for your IP addresses and domains
  • A Detailed Sender Reputation Report and the key contributing factors
  • An Infrastructure Scorecard comparing your infrastructure to email marketing best practices
  • A Process Scorecard comparing your practices to best practices for email marketing
  • A Certification Gap Analysis indicating steps necessary to achieve GoodMail certification
  • A Value Analysis to help management compare improved email deliverability revenue potential to alternatives

The ClickMail Deliverability Assessment is delivered as an actionable report with detailed analysis and recommendations and a fully customizable value analysis.

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