Why Use an Email Deliverability Consultant?

consultantHere at ClickMail Marketing, we like to say we’re vendor agnostic. Fancy words with a simple meaning: We resell several different email service providers (ESPs) so we can fit our clients with the ESP that will work best for them. We want to fit a round peg in that round hole, not a square one.

One reason for this unique approach is our focus on deliverability. In fact, when trying to categories ClickMail, it might be easiest to think of us as an email deliverability consultant. Sure, we can do anything your email marketing program might require, from email design and landing pages to deploying your email for you and helping you analyze your results. But the ability to improve email deliverability is one of the most important services we as a consultant can provide, because it’s your email deliverability that’s going to have a direct impact on your email marketing ROI.

Every email that doesn’t make it through is a lost opportunity for you. Think about it: If you’re email deliverability rate is 83%, that means a whopping 17% of your audience is NOT hearing from you! Even if you had a tiny list, say 5,000 names, that means 850 people won’t get your email!

Are you really prepared to leave that kind of money on the table?

And that’s where the email deliverability consultant comes in. We run tests putting your emails through different ESPs to find out which ESP offers the highest email deliverability for you. Plus we’ll analyze your email marketing templates to make sure they’re clean and not triggering any spam filters. We’ll take a look at your online sending reputation to see where you need to improve. And now we offer the ClickMail Deliverability Assessment to really delve into your email marketing program to find areas to improve email deliverability.

There are so many parts to email, it can be easy to get caught up in the strategy, the tactics, the message, the offer, the design, the list building, the landing pages, the…you get the picture. But without the highest possible email deliverability rate, all those other pieces won’t make much difference.

That’s why you need an email deliverability consultant. Find out more at www.clickmail.com.