2 Email Deliverability Best Practices Shrink Your List, Protect Your Reputation

protect reputationYour online sending reputation must be solid and stellar to keep your email deliverability rate high. But there are two huge threats to that reputation:

1. Sending to people who complain about your email, whether because they don’t remember opting in, they think you email too frequently, or your message is irrelevant. The reason itself is, well, irrelevant. What matters is they complain. They either report you as spam or as an abuser, or they might report you to the mail admin if it’s a B2B situation.

2. Hard bounces that result from sending to bad email addresses also harm your online sending reputation.

As an email deliverability consultant, ClickMail Marketing has email deliverability tools and expertise to help you keep your delivery rate—and your email marketing ROI—as high as can be.

Get those complainers off your list
As part of the email deliverability best practices we’ve developed, we can scrub your in-house email list against a list of almost 8 million known complainers. Think of them as the squeaky wheels of the email world. It doesn’t take much to set these folks off, so let’s just avoid them altogether, shall we? That protects your online sending reputation from the first threat.

Scrub those bad emails from your list
The other email deliverability best practice involves initiation an email connection but breaking off that connection before an email is actually sent, so we can determine which email addresses are bad. We get a 95% success rate with this, and it’s not easy to pull off. (As they say, “Do not try this at home.”) This screening takes care of threat #2, determining the bad email addresses without sending an email and risking your reputation.

Neither of these email deliverability practices adds names to your in-house email list. Instead, they take names off. You as the email marketer might think that sounds counterintuitive, but would you rather have a great online sending reputation and get through to the 80% of good names on your list? Or send to your whole list, damage your reputation, and not be able to send to anyone at all?

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