Email Best Practices Include Integration With Web Analytics

Email Best Practices Integration with Web Analytics and EmailDoes your email marketing program exist separate from your web analytics? Or are they happily co-existing, to your monetary benefit?

This type of integration is definitely an email marketing best practice. If you’ve not yet connected the two powerhouses of data of email and website, our latest entry to the Email Experience Council blog will help you take the first step towards connecting your email and web analytics.

Titled “After the Click: Improving Campaign Performance With Web Analytics,” the article emphasizes the need to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking customers’ behavior beyond the email and landing page. Because how can you know your real success if you don’t know your real results?

If you’re ready to look into this kind of integration, you’re going for a closed-loop process with the ESP and web analytics feeding information to each other. For a first step in the process, see the basics covered in the article, including:

  • Recency of data
  • What data you need
  • Supporting it internally
  • Switching ESPs
  • Testing

It’s an email marketing best practice because when you integrate your email with your web analytics, you ultimately increase your email marketing ROI. You can learn, tweak and improve, and even segment your email marketing messages in the future.

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