An Email Rendering Tool Will Show the Error of Your Ways…and Email Design

Email RenderingTwice in the last month I’ve received emails from entrepreneurial friends, one starting an online publication, the other starting an online store.

In both cases, the emails showed up in my inbox as almost completely blank. I had a tiny red x in the middle, and some standard footer information at the bottom.

Every single bit of information, every graphic, every design element, every word and call to action was invisible to me. All of it. The only reason I right-clicked on the red x to download the images was because I knew these guys and I wanted to see what they were up to.

Now, I’m an email marketing professional. I know how to reset my email software so images show up in my emails. But I don’t want to, because most email clients are configured to suppress images by default. And I’m fascinated by how many emails are sent as image only.

What these guys need, what email marketer’s need, is an email rendering tool so they can see how their emails will be delivered. They could use Pivotal Veracity to test the email rendering. Or they could simply sign up for a variety of free email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo, and see how the emails show up in those inboxes.

One of these friends has now sent out three emails this way, as just images. If you do right click, you’ll find the email is almost all text. So why in the world deliver it as an image? And despite my sending him a screenshot of what people like me are getting, twice, I today received yet another red x email from him today. And when I replied back that he should at least put teaser text in the subject line if he’s going to continue to send his text emails as images, all I got was a request to forward the email onto my friends. Something tells me he’s not listening!

If only I could get him to use an email rendering tool, maybe he’d listen!