Email Marketing Best Practices Abound at Virtual Online Marketing Event

How would you like to spend all day learning email marketing best practices without leaving your state? Your city? Your office? Join us May 27 for The Online Marketing Virtual Summit, the largest free online marketing virtual event around. Thousands of global online marketers, 34 sessions and 8 tracks covering all the latest in online marketing:

1. Email Marketing
2. Search Marketing
3. Website Strategy & Usability
4. Social Media
5. Web Analytics
6. Online Advertising & Mobile
7. Integrated Marketing
8. Demand Generation

You’ll hear keynotes too, like “Stimulating Business Growth through Social Media: How Kodak got its mojo back” and “The TRUTH Behind the Value of Social Media.”

Of course we’re partial to the email marketing topics, and we know you’ll be headed straight to those so here’s a heads up at the presentations you’ll learn from:

• Connecting the Dots: Integrating Emerging Channels into your Email Program
• Mailing to Millions 6 Best Practices to get Maximum Return & Revenue from your Million-Plus Email Database
• How-to Increase Response Rates through Segmentation, Relevance, Personalization, and Nurture
• Email Marketing: The Digital Glue of Social Media

We’re not kidding. All these topics and email marketing best practices will be online and free during this virtual conference. And most virtual of all? We’ll have a “booth” at this virtual conference, so “stop by” booth 14 to say hi to your favorite email marketing vendor, ClickMail Marketing.

Get set for email marketing best practices galore when you register for this virtual online marketing summit.