Be Smart About Spam: Make Opt In One of Your Email Deliverability Tools

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Be Smart About Spam: Make Opt In One of Your Email Deliverability Tools

Is opt in one of your email deliverability tools? It should be!

As Jeanne Jennings points out, opt in is simply smart business. In a blog post titled “Opt In vs. Opt Out: It’s a Business Decision,” Jeanne makes a strong business case for opt in, strong enough that we at ClickMail say it’s time to add opt in to your list of email deliverability tools. Opt out is the way out, but “there is a business risk involved with using acquisition tactics that aren’t opt-in,” says Jeanne Among the risks she describes:

• Getting reported as spam
• Getting reported as spam so many times, you end up blacklisted
• Limiting the number of vendors who will work with you

Each of these carries with it a business cost, making opt out practically a gamble, not a strategy.

And if you get blacklisted and therefore shunned by the major ESPs, then you might get stuck trying to do it in-house, which Jeanne also warns against:

“I’ve also seen situations where organizations that aren’t able to meet the permission requirements of legitimate ESPs try to go it alone. They build what is in essence a “mini ESP” in-house to handle their e-mail sends. This involves not just IT but also deliverability expertise, which is both an art and a science and is much more complex than just the send. It’s an expensive proposition for start-up and ongoing costs. And it’s difficult for an organization that’s not focused on this to get it right.”

In the world of email marketing vendors striving to help clients eek out every possible improvement in email deliverability in order to improve email marketing ROI, opt in definitely counts as one of the email deliverability tools!