ClickMail CEO to Publish Email Marketing Best Practices as a Focus Expert

email marketing best practices
ClickMail CEO to Focus on Email Marketing Best Practice Advice.

The CEO of our email marketing vendor company ClickMail is now a Focus Expert!

Marco Marini, ClickMail CEO, will soon be posting email marketing and email deliverability expertise articles on the website as well as answering email marketing and online marketing related questions.

Focus exists as a resource for professional business people who need one place to go for expertise, whether the topic is customer service, finance, marketing, software or a number of other topics.

Marco’s first two expert articles will be published soon, and we’ll get the word out as soon as they are so you can learn from the email marketing best practices he’ll cover.

As a Focus expert, Marco joins a network of world class business and technology experts who answer questions, offer original research, and support their fellow business people all for free.

As Focus says, “Focus Experts help thousands of businesses with tough decisions every day.”

And now that help will include the email deliverability consulting and email marketing best practices required to maximize email marketing ROI.