Email Summit ’11 Takeaways Continued: Connect the Dots for Email ROI

email marketing best practices connect the dots for email marketing ROI
Connect the Dots for Email Marketing ROI

Heading into this week, we’ll continue our recap of MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’11 in Las Vegas and the seven key takeaways that can lead to email marketing best practices.

Today’s takeaway: Deliverability, performance and relevance are interrelated

Now this takeaway sounds like it’s straight out of ClickMail Marketing’s email marketing best practices literature! We’ve said repeatedly that your relevance affects your email deliverability because email delivery problems can be the result of people reporting your email messages as spam…only because they don’t want to hear from you because your emails are irrelevant.

And performance is going to matter more than ever in the inbox. The more your emails are opened and interacted with, the better your email deliverability rate will be. And that email delivery rate is affected by how relevant your emails are to each individual subscriber!

Remember that the more emails delivered, the higher your email marketing ROI because the more chances you have to reach the person who is ready to buy. We might be talking about performance, but ultimately, we’re talking about ROI.

Connecting the dots on these email marketing best practices yet? Now is obviously the time! If you need help improving your email deliverability, performance and relevance, call on ClickMail!