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How to Keep Your Drip Campaign From Being an Annoyance or Ignored

You know the drip drip drip of the leaky faucet that keeps people up at night in comedy shows? Sometimes it’s not the faucet, it’s the email marketing drip campaign that’s keeping someone awake…usually a marketer! Beyond the challenges of the offer, email design and email copywriting that all must be figured out (and tested!) […]

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email marketing best practices know social goals before you start

Email Marketing Best Practices: Know Your Social Goals Before You Start

The world seems to be all about social media now: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, LinkedIn, Flickr…so many social networks! So many places you’d love to connect with via your email marketing program! Go social with email, yes! And have more success when you’re clear on your goals before starting. What is the purpose of social […]

Email Lessons Learned: Even Abandoned Cart Emails Require Testing

Triggered email is definitely getting a lot more press these days! Are you doing triggered email? Some experts say if you’re only going to do one kind of triggered email, make it an abandoned cart triggered email. Here at ClickMail, more and more of our email marketing clients are doing abandoned cart emails. And we’re […]

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email deliverability service checklist

Marketo Provides Email Deliverability Service in Form of Checklist

Marketo has created something we’ve been wanting to do: a scannable, simple email deliverability checklist that fits on one piece of paper. Email deliverability problems are infinite. Creating a checklist to counter them was an email deliverability service we’ve been wanting to offer as an email marketing vendor. But it was a daunting task. Where […]

An Email FAQ: Email Best Practices for Beginning Email Marketers

Although ESPs have been around for over a decade and email marketing is mainstream, there are still plenty of newbies just jumping into the email marketing waters. And for them, there are many mysteries surrounding the ins and out of email and email marketing best practices. Below are some tips for beginners in response to […]

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How to Compare Email Marketing Services: Click Here for an Online Tool

Trying to compare email marketing services and starting to feel like it’s an apples to oranges comparison? That’s okay. It is an apples to oranges comparison! And of course all email marketing vendors are going to tell you their email marketing solution is the best fit for you…because they truly believe it is. That’s why […]

Compare Email Marketing Services With This Online Tool

email marketing best practices relational databases

Email Marketing Best Practices: Relate to Customers With a Relational Database

Below is an email marketing best practices blog we published in the Email Experience Council’s blog. The content is critical enough that we are republishing it here as well. In email marketing, relevance continues to drive success. No matter what happens in the marketing space or technology space, successful email starts with relevance. But true […]