Email Lessons Learned: Even Abandoned Cart Emails Require Testing

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Email Marketing Best Practices: Testing Required for Triggered Emails Too!

Triggered email is definitely getting a lot more press these days! Are you doing triggered email? Some experts say if you’re only going to do one kind of triggered email, make it an abandoned cart triggered email.

Here at ClickMail, more and more of our email marketing clients are doing abandoned cart emails. And we’re learning that the email marketing best practices around triggered emails are like anything email: They require testing, testing, testing.

One of our email marketing services clients set up their triggered email to offer a coupon a couple days after a shopping cart was abandoned. It was a generic coupon code for 25% off with no expiration date. Normally that kind of incentive can be enticing—and profitable—and testing demonstrated this was an abandoned cart email that got results and sales. However, it worked a little too well. Because it was a generic code anyone could use and it lacked an expiration date, the client discovered people were posting and sharing the code.

The client turned off the coupon code. For now, they are relying on a simple follow-up abandoned cart email instead. For the future, they’re building a dynamic code that can only be used once and expires after a certain time. They know the discount incentive drives people back to the shopping cart to complete the sale, because they tested that incentive and got results. Now they only need to refine how the process works and build it with a unique code for each person.

This little story is a reminder that even something as simple as an abandoned cart email needs testing!

If you’re not yet doing triggered email and you could use a little help with it or other email marketing best practices, reach out to ClickMail Marketing for email marketing expertise.