Email Marketing Best Practices: It’s Not About You

email marketing best practices it's about them
Email Marketing Best Practices: Focus on Your Customers

…it’s about them.

Them being the person getting those emails your team is sending out in the hopes of getting opens, click throughs and sales.

I have seen a couple of articles lately driving this point home which reminds me that although it’s common sense to make our emails about the recipient, we often lose sight of that.

This customer-centric attitude goes beyond email marketing best practices. All marketing needs to be customer-centric. Perhaps in email, it’s easier to forget, however, as our recipients tend to be numbers not people. When it’s email, it’s very much about the technology and the metrics.

If your emails are about you and what you’re selling, your customers won’t be as interested as they would be if your emails were about them. A customer—or potential customer—is likely to be much more engaged with content and offers that speak to them, not at them.

Does your email marketing team keep the idea of the customer front and center? Are you really emailing to people? Or are you emailing to numbers and metrics?

What are some email marketing best practices you could implement at your organization to help your team be customer-centric in their approach?