The Email Catch 22: Engagement = Deliverability = Engagement

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The Email Catch 22: Engagement = Deliverability = Engagement

Is email marketing now a Catch 22? To keep getting your email delivered to inboxes, you must engage the recipients. But to engage the recipients, you must get email delivered to inboxes.


It looks odd to see it spelled out that way, doesn’t it? But it is true. In 2012, your recipients’ interactions with your emails are now an indicator of your worth in the eyes of some ISPs. If the folks you email don’t interact with your emails, the ISP sees your email as not wanted, determines it to be spam, and no longer delivers any email from you…at all.

This kind of Catch 22 isn’t really a conundrum at all if you’ve been following the email expert advice all along. If you’ve been building a permission-based list, segmenting your list, sending targeted messages, keeping your list clean, serving up awesome content and essentially being subscriber-centric, then you have no Catch 22. You’re adhering to the email marketing best practices the ISPs want to promote with their filtering. There is always room for improvement, even for an email expert, but you’re on the right path. Just stick to it.

If, on the other hand, you’ve yet to implement these types of email marketing best practices, now is most definitely the time because you do face the email Catch 22. If you haven’t been engaging your subscribers, then your email deliverability rate might already be less than it could be, which means you have less opportunity to engage because you’re not getting into as many inboxes as you used to. So act now to be a better marketer.

Engagement = deliverability = engagement. You have to engage to deliver, but you have to deliver to engage.

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