More Incremental Improvements for Rockin’ ROI


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More Incremental Improvements for Rockin’ ROI

Last time , we talked about adding triggered automated emails to your email marketing program as an incremental improvement that can add up to a big boost in email marketing ROI. As promised, here’s the second of our suggestions for these kinds of small changes with rockin’ returns.

This one might have you scratching your head at first, however. Today’s suggestion? Incrementally grow your list.

Yes, incrementally. Rather than go for a huge jump in numbers by focusing on quantity, go slow but steady. Slowly build that list and you’ll build a better list, guaranteed.

Does that sound counter-intuitive coming from an email marketing consultant? It shouldn’t it. It’s the smaller, higher quality list that will outperform the random, quantity list. And performance is what we are after, after all.

Ways to incrementally grow your in-house email list include asking people to sign up for your emails at every possible touch point:

  • In your employees’ email signatures
  • On every page of your website
  • On your Facebook page
  • In your blogs
  • In every transactional email

  • At checkout, whether buying online or in person

Each one of these “asks” is a small one to implement and—like the small changes we’re recommending to your email marketing program—will add up to one big improvement.

Even if your in-house email list only grows by 5% with your quality focus, that’s 5% more names of people who want to hear from you…much better than 20% more names of people who don’t!

Next time, our third suggestion for incremental improvement: Be straightforward. Watch for it here in our email marketing consultant blog!