Keep It Clean! Scrub Your List Like You Scrub Your Dishes

Keep It Clean! Scrub Your List Like You Scrub Your Dishes

This morning I scrubbed the pot from last night’s dinner. You know the kind of scrubbing I mean: Down and dirty with the scouring pad because remnants of dinner were affixed to the sides of the pot. See, I didn’t scrub it the night before. I was too worn out. So it sat overnight. And dried. Thoroughly.

As I was scrubbing the stubborn dried on gook, trying to return the inside of the pot to the pristine stainless steel sheen of before, I thought about my reluctance to scrub it…which led to it being more work to clean, of course.

And that got me thinking about list scrubbing, and our reluctance as email marketers to keep our lists clean and shiny.

We will spend countless hours in search of email solutions to increase our ROI, but sometimes forget one of the best and easiest email solutions is right in front of us: our list.

Scrubbing your in-house email list on a regular basis will keep your list a pristine white in the same way regular scrubbing that pot the night before would have saved me work this morning. We do call it list hygiene, after all. And a list is like a cooking pot, only hygienic when regularly tended to.

Why do you need a clean list? Not scrubbing your list can impact your email deliverability rate in a really bad way. Too many bounces, too many unengaged subscribers, and too many defunct email addresses look bad in the eyes of the ISPs. Periodically culling such clutter from your list will increase your delivery rate in the first place (by removing the ones not getting delivered anyway) and over time as your sending reputation improves…and that in turn makes the ISPs less suspicious of your email and that email more likely to get delivered.

And always know ClickMail is on call to help you with any list scrubbing, email deliverability, email solutions or ESP selection challenges!