On Target Email Marketing Services: Triggered Emails and How They Work

triggered emails as email marketing servicesSetting up clients to use triggered email marketing is among the email marketing services offered by ClickMail but we’ve found it’s not fully understood. So this past month, our CEO writes about triggered email marketing for the Email Critic, providing an overview useful for newbies and ninjas both.

In this post on triggered emails, Marco discusses the most common types and how to use them. These include:


  • The Welcome Email
  • The Cart Abandon Email
  • Confirmation Emails
  • Follow-up Emails
  • Renewal Emails


For an introduction to this realm of email marketing services, read Marco’s post at the Email Critic. And if you’re already doing triggered email marketing, you’ll want to read it to make sure you’re maximizing your use of that email marketing tool.

And thanks to the Email Critic for the great image that accompanied the post in their blog…and now ours!