Morgan Stewart’s List of 101 Things You Could Be Testing

101 Email Marketing Pieces You Could Be (Should Be?) Testing

One of the advantages to working with so many email marketing companies and getting so much email is being inundated with so many emails. OK, that might not sound like an advantage. But from an educational and best practices standpoint, it is! That’s because there is always a great history of best practices advice,  comparative analyses, and other information in our inbox, making the inbox a fantastically simple resource in an extremely complex industry.

This morning here at ClickMail Marketing,  we scrolled down and came across this gem of email marketing advice from way back in July. Yes, that’s eons ago in technology time, but true wisdom stands the test of time…and this email is true wisdom. This is a list of 101 email marketing pieces you (and we!) could be testing.

In a nut shell, everything is testable. This is not a do-all list. For one thing, not every piece on this list is relevant to your own email marketing program. For another, you should only test a few things at a time in order to control your testing and results.

Definitely check out the list to see which factors jump out at you as new but possible. For example, consider the subtlety of numbers 27 and 28 on the list:

27. Overt Recommendations (i.e.,  “You may also like…”)
28. Subtle Recommendations (i.e., personalized, but not overtly)

These are the types of email marketing elements you might not even consider testing if it weren’t for this list. And there are plenty more to consider…almost 100 in fact!

For help setting up A/B tests for your program—and deciding which of these many factors to test—call on your email marketing consultant. Then test, learn, improve, repeat.