Searching for the Best Email Service Provider? 2 ways to make your choice easier and smarter.

Searching for the Best Email Service Provider? Here are two ways to make your choice easier and smarter.

When it’s time for a new email service provider, sorting through over 100 ESP options can be a little daunting. That’s why ClickMail publishes two tools to help you choose: our online ESP selection tool that ranks your needs to give you the top three ESP choices for you, and our annual ESP selection guide, just released for 2013.

If there’s one constant in the email marketing industry, it’s change. That’s why we update our guide to choosing an email service provider annually. From integration one year to automation the next, you need to know what’s new, hot, and critical in the email world and how your new ESP will stack up against the evolving demands.

This year’s ESP guide, The 9 Essential Questions to Ask Any Vendor (and Why You Need to Know), covers the newest email marketing topics, helping you to evaluate the best email service providers based on factors such as:

  • Relational data and how well the ESP can dynamically harness data so your emails are not only relevant, but right on time
  • Responsive design for mobile and cross-platform email prowess
  • Integrating social media data to drive great email content
  • Swift and ethical Customer Support (now the #1 reason companies switch ESPs)

Knowing these current issues—and knowing how to evaluate an ESP based on them—means you’ll make a better, smarter choice when choosing that new email service provider.

Download the new ESP Guide today, so you can choose the best email provider for tomorrow.


About Marco Marini

Marco Marini has been at the forefront of email marketing since its inception as a channel. Prior to co-founding ClickMail, Marco developed pioneering email campaigns for CyberSource, eHealthInsurance, DoveBid and IBM Canada while holding key marketing roles in those organizations. Through his experience on both sides of the email marketing table--client and agency--Marco has developed significant expertise in using email to its full potential to generate substantial return on investment for marketers, management and investors. As CEO at ClickMail, Marco’s main focus is defining the company’s strategy. However, he also spends time advising clients on how to leverage enterprise-level ESP technology as a primary engine for business growth. His expertise in every aspect of email enables Marco to guide clients and ClickMail’s internal teams to develop sophisticated campaigns that employ best-in-class strategies, overcome technical hurdles, and meet business objectives. Marco was born in Canada and grew up in Italy. He and his wife are the parents of four children. He is active in the Silicon Valley Italian Executives Council and is on the Northern California board of Stop Hunger Now.

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