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top 10 email marketing blog posts of 2014

What Was Hot in 2014? Our Top 10 Email Marketing Blog Posts of the Past Year

As we close out 2014, it was interesting to look back on the past year and see which of our blog posts generated the most attention in the email marketing world (based on social sharing). Interestingly, we couldn’t find a common denominator at first. The posts that were shared the […]

Is Email Analytics the Next Big Thing? 2,625 Marketers Can’t Be Wrong!

Now that the deluge of 2015 predictions has begun, the timing of this article couldn’t be better, because it gives me the opportunity to add yet another prediction to the mix: that third parties are going to be critical to the development of easy-to-use email reporting tools. Because the […]

why you want an excellent sender reputation

What Is a Sender Reputation, and How Do You Improve It to Improve Email Deliverability?

Because email deliverability is a big part of what we do here at ClickMail, we talk a lot about sender reputation. Yet is everyone clear on what is meant by sender reputation? A quick scan of past posts tells me this topic has been talked about but not actually explained. […]

choosing between email service providers

Why None of the Best Email Service Providers Is the Best One for YOU

If you’re in the market for a new ESP, creating a list of the best email service providers and getting ready to generate RFPs and do comparisons, I have some startling news for you: The best email service provider for your business might be none at all. Rather, it could […]