Just Published! The 2017 Guide to Finding an Email Service Provider (ESP)

Looking for the best ESP for your organization? Download the newly updated ESP selection guide.

Every year, we take an in-depth look at the email marketing landscape to revise our annual ESP guide. As technologies and expectations change, the lens through which a marketer evaluates an ESP must also change. And that’s why we update this guide every year.

Switching email service providers is costly, time-consuming and—quite honestly—a pain. Choosing an ESP for the long term in the first place can save a lot of money, time and pain down the road.

If you’re starting the search for a new ESP, download the guide, confident it’s current with your 2017 concerns. It will help you strategically consider your needs and how they compare with an ESP’s capabilities, both current and future. It will walk you through practical considerations like scalability and usability, but also complex ones such as dynamic content and customization, so you can make an informed ESP choice—one that will last.

Find an ESP you can stick with—and grow with—for years to come with this essential guide.