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Email Analytics: Avoiding Data Don’ts Is Easier When You Know Your Options

A recent article in offered “Seven Disastrous Data Don’ts” with a quick snapshot of common mistakes marketers make when dealing with Big Data. The author made good points, and I am not refuting them at all. Rather, in pursuit of further edification on the topic, I thought I’d pick […]

As Data Grows in Volume So Does an Urgent Need for Powerful Email Analytics

Are you ready for some scary statistics? Because I was a little taken aback when reading through this Salesforce research on the state of analytics. These statistics are not email specific, but they are still relevant to our industry because they illustrate the increasing importance of data, the continued growth […]

Email 101: The (Continued) Importance of Email Deliverability and Analytics

There’s a lot of shiny stuff going on in marketing right now, from the potential of wearable technology to in-app advertising to the Internet of Things (IoT). But two decidedly not shiny principles continue to stand as pillars of email marketing: email deliverability and email analytics. I say this because […]

Step Away From the Email Analytics! 6 Ways to Get a Big Picture View

Two years ago we launched eMVision, a unique and innovative email analytics tool that integrations Tableau Software with the email reporting of major ESPs such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Since that launch, we have spent a lot of time talking to clients and other email marketers about email reporting and […]

Mobile Is NOT the Answer to the Broken Promises of Business Intelligence

In a recent article, CMSWire touted the mobile functionality of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, powered by the Wave platform, detailing how Salesforce is enabling analytics on the go. Since the article started out being about the “broken promises” of business intelligence, it can lead one to believe that being mobile […]

“Half the Money Is Wasted…”–Use Email Analytics, and Know What’s Working

I suspect every marketer has heard this famous line at least once during their careers: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” That famous quote is attributed to John Wanamaker, an American merchant and the first retailer to place a […]

Marketers Want Email Analytics–Can the ESPs Deliver?

Here at ClickMail, we have access to some unique data due to the ESPinator. The ESPinator is a free online tool we built a few years ago to help marketers looking for a new email service provider (ESP) to narrow their list of possible ESP choices. As thousands of marketers have […]