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Email Subject Lines: Tis the Season to Pay Attention!

(Updated December 1, 2018) Noticed anything different about your email inbox lately? For instance, maybe it’s even more crowded than usual? The holiday season is upon us…and so are the holiday email marketing campaigns. That means you can take a crash course in email marketing and who is doing what […]

4 Months and Counting! Staying CASL Compliant Post July 1

Disclaimer: As we do every time we post about CASL, we encourage you to seek legal advice to ensure CASL compliance. This post is informational only and not intended to serve as legal advice or guidance. This summer, Canada’s strict anti-spam law will get stricter—and the risk of non-compliance will […]

Are You Paying (Enough) Attention to the Images in Your Email Marketing?

You probably already know how compelling images are…because you’re human. You know you’re more likely to notice a Facebook post with an image vs. one that’s just words. As a marketer, you can’t help but notice how quickly Pinterest soared to its place of popularity. And of course there are […]

Want Better Email Marketing? Read Those Release Notes

When was the last time your ESP sent you release notes? OK, and when was the last time you actually read them? In our experience at ClickMail, we find clients don’t always read the documentation ESPs put together and distribute when offering new or updated features. It’s kind of like […]