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Why Your Email Deliverability Doesn’t Rank 10 Out of 10…Yet

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rank your email deliverability? Deliverability usually doesn’t get a 10—either in importance or performance—because email marketers often think deliverability ends with hitting the “send” button. Yet there is much more to it than that, and much to be gained by […]

Email Marketing Worst Practices Still Prevail, as This LinkedIn Post Proves

This really happened… The following question was posted in a discussion group for email marketers: “I need to blast bulk emails on daily basis so suggest me some best email marketing tools.” As soon as I saw it, I thought, “Oh boy, that person is going to get lambasted for using not one, not two, […]

4 Months and Counting! Staying CASL Compliant Post July 1

Disclaimer: As we do every time we post about CASL, we encourage you to seek legal advice to ensure CASL compliance. This post is informational only and not intended to serve as legal advice or guidance. This summer, Canada’s strict anti-spam law will get stricter—and the risk of non-compliance will get riskier. The Canadian Anti […]

“Don’t Be That Guy” – Are You Sending Any of the Kinds of Emails That Annoy?

We all do things we wouldn’t like someone to do to us. We cut people off in traffic, pay bills late, forget birthdays…and not because we’re bad people! We’re only human and sometimes we get impatient, careless or absentminded. We overlook or even ignore the Golden Rule that says do unto others as you want […]

Unlock the Door to Email Marketing Success With Email Segmentation

Email marketing—it’s a numbers game. But they have to be the right numbers in the right sequence. Improving email ROI isn’t about simply upping the numbers, getting more names on your list so you can send more email and therefore make more sales. No, improving email ROI requires increasing the segments you send to, not […]

Are You Paying (Enough) Attention to the Images in Your Email Marketing?

You probably already know how compelling images are…because you’re human. You know you’re more likely to notice a Facebook post with an image vs. one that’s just words. As a marketer, you can’t help but notice how quickly Pinterest soared to its place of popularity. And of course there are the social media darlings Snapchat […]

Don’t Dismiss the Difference Between the Marketing and the Sales Email

Reading through an article on outbound email FAQs just now, it struck me that marketers have a tendency to treat two very different types of B2B emails as if they were one and the same. For example, the article I just read says: “Opens and clicks only get you so far. In most outbound scenarios, […]

Want Better Email Marketing? Read Those Release Notes

When was the last time your ESP sent you release notes? OK, and when was the last time you actually read them? In our experience at ClickMail, we find clients don’t always read the documentation ESPs put together and distribute when offering new or updated features. It’s kind of like the instructions that come with […]

How You Can Learn From 12 of the Best Email Campaigns of 2015

It’s one thing to be told how to do better email marketing. It’s another thing to be shown. And showing is just what Adestra has done in their Campaign of the Year 2015 report. Featuring the most successful email marketing campaigns run by Adestra clientele during the past year, this compilation is useful for every […]

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