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Email Delivery Improves When Your Sender Reputation Does 1

Last week we sat in on ExactTarget’s email deliverability webinar, ‘Getting to the Inbox: Why “Send” Is Not the End and Reputation Is King.’ The webinar pointed out that as concerned as email marketers are with maximizing their email delivery rates, they still aren’t paying enough attention to reputation. According to the webinar, actions taken […]


What determines your online reputation? And what can you do about it?

Last time we covered the importance of your digital reputation for deliverability and therefore email marketing ROI. This time, we cover what determines that reputation in the first place. As we said last time, ISPs are relying more and more on a marketer’s reputation when deciding which emails to let through. Why do you care […]

In the world of email marketing, your reputation matters. A lot.

Do you know your reputation? Do you care? No, it’s not a popularity contest, but you should be paying attention to your reputation because it affects your deliverability. And your deliverability rates are key to your email marketing ROI. Deliverability is a top challenge for online marketers using email marketing. Having a great design and […]