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5 Reasons Why Your Holiday Email Marketing Should Be Done as a Series

Don’t shoot the messenger! But the holidays are coming. The Christmas decorations are already up on some retailers’ brick-and-mortar stores, and I’ve already seen plenty of “only X shopping days until Christmas” messages. Whether that stresses you out as a consumer or a marketer, rest assured, I’m not here to put pressure on you by […]

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10 email copywriting tips to avoid frustration

Frustrated by Ineffective Emails? Use These 10 Tips to Improve Your Email Copywriting

When Stefano Pistillo, ClickMail’s Sales Engineer, shared a Mashable post with me on writing better emails at work, I was struck by how well this advice applies to email marketing messages too. Perhaps that’s because the best email marketing messages aren’t written in a generic, corporate way, but in a personal, one-to-one manner. Although the […]

Preheader Text: Good, Bad and Ugly Ways of Email Copywriting

Do you ever write a word and suddenly look at it and think to yourself, “That can’t be right?” It’s usually a word you’ve written dozens of times, but all of a sudden, it just looks wrong, like you have no idea how to spell. That happened to me recently with my inbox. Just all […]

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best practices for email marketing

Best Practices for Email Marketing? Don’t Let Creative Rule

Based on my morning, I say let’s add this to best practices for email marketing: Don’t let creative rule. As we just discussed in this email marketing blog, roughly 20% of the success of your email marketing campaign comes from the creative. So why do so many email marketing departments let creative drive the emails? […]

Email Marketing Best Practices: Say “No” to Empty Words in Your Email Copywriting 1

Why does so much email copywriting sound the same? Why do so many email marketing messages blur together until I can’t tell them apart, especially in B2B email marketing? There’s something safe, I guess, about using the same words everyone else uses. Maybe that’s why businesses keep using and over-using words like innovative, industry-leading, top […]

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