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Comparing ESPs: When It Comes to Email Integrations, Avoid Hasty Assumptions!

Last month when we took a deep dive into data provided by the ESPinator, our free online tool for comparing email service providers, we discovered that six of the top 10 questions by answer belonged to the Reporting and Analysis section. That in and of itself wasn’t much of a […]

Outgrowing Your ESP? Could Be…If You Need Email Integration

Is your email provider keeping pace with your email objectives? Maybe not: When your business becomes more complex, customization of your ESP becomes essential, but not all ESPs can offer it. This is the situation many marketers find themselves in as they start to realize they are outgrowing their current […]

Data’s Only Useful When You Can Act On It; Email Integration Makes It So

Data, data, data…it’s all around you these days. It’s a topic that’s top of mind and on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Capturing data has become standard email marketing practice. The challenge is putting that data to use. In an article on starting an agency, the author makes deep data […]