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Personalization in Email: Now It’s Personal—for Real

As I ponder what to expect in 2016, personalization strikes me as the biggest new area to email marketing—and one that’s growing fast. In many cases, what started out as a way to remarket to consumers after cart abandonment is morphing into powerful technologies that enable targeted email marketing like never […]

tips for viral email marketing

Want Your Email Marketing to Go Viral? Do Email Well!

What makes an email go viral? Well, in a way, commonsense and best practices make an email go viral—or at least that’s how I read a Litmus report on the subject. I’m not trying to be facetious here. Looking at the findings of this report, it really does seem as […]

9 Ways to Improve Any Email Marketing Program, Regardless of Budget or Bodies

David Baker filled a post with a lot of email marketing statistics a couple of months ago. It was the day after the Super Bowl and of course stats are heavy on everyone’s mind during a big football game like that. So a post full of email statistics was apropos. […]

Rebuilding Your Sender Reputation Takes Time, Even If You Weren’t the Bad Guy in the First Place

Imagine your email marketing program is humming right along, deliverability is about where it should be, and you’re tweaking and testing for those incremental improvements you know will add up–when all of a sudden you’re seeing a 95% bounce rate when emailing subscribers using Gmail. That is practically every single […]

why email marketing best practices only make you average

The Trouble with Email Marketing Best Practices: “Best” Practices Only Make You Average

Good is the enemy of great. So says Jim Collins in his best selling book, “Good to Great.” He is referring to businesses that decide they are good enough, which means they are settling and no longer striving to be the best they can be. And that’s why the term […]

Challenges when trying to chart process of identifying email deliverability issues

Sniffing out Snafus: How We Work to Improve Your Email Deliverability

An undelivered email is akin to an email that was never sent. If you send 10,000 emails and 1,600 are never delivered (because your email deliverability rate is 84%), you might as well have a list of 8,400 names instead. And if we look at the number of emails that […]