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Mobile Is NOT the Answer to the Broken Promises of Business Intelligence

In a recent article, CMSWire touted the mobile functionality of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, powered by the Wave platform, detailing how Salesforce is enabling analytics on the go. Since the article started out being about the “broken promises” of business intelligence, it can lead one to believe that being mobile […]

Marketers Want Email Analytics–Can the ESPs Deliver?

Here at ClickMail, we have access to some unique data due to the ESPinator. The ESPinator is a free online tool we built a few years ago to help marketers looking for a new email service provider (ESP) to narrow their list of possible ESP choices. As thousands of marketers have […]

Is Email Analytics the Next Big Thing? 2,625 Marketers Can’t Be Wrong!

Now that the deluge of 2015 predictions has begun, the timing of this article couldn’t be better, because it gives me the opportunity to add yet another prediction to the mix: that third parties are going to be critical to the development of easy-to-use email reporting tools. Because the […]

The Top 4—and Least Known—Strategies for List Growth

We’re a numbers-obsessed society, wanting to watch numbers either increase (in our bank accounts) or decrease (on our scales). There’s one place, however, where the email marketer must tread carefully when it comes to numbers, and that’s when you’re growing your email list. This is not the time or place […]