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Unlock the Door to Email Marketing Success With Email Segmentation

Email marketing—it’s a numbers game. But they have to be the right numbers in the right sequence. Improving email ROI isn’t about simply upping the numbers, getting more names on your list so you can send more email and therefore make more sales. No, improving email ROI requires increasing the […]

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Engage Already! 7 Ways to Avoid the Re-Activation Email With Email Marketing Best Practices

Bad news: Not everyone cares what’s in your email message. And over time, the trend is towards ever less interest in your content and offers. The once enthusiastic subscriber–new to the relationship with your brand and eagerly opening each email you send–is eventually replaced by a disinterested bystander who’s more […]

Reach the Right People: Why You Need Advanced Email Segmentation NOW

Inboxes are only getting more cluttered and new features such as tabs in Gmail make engagement yet a higher priority than it already was. It’s time to get real…meaning real in your customer’s eyes. And the only way to do that is with advanced segmentation. What separates advanced email segmentation […]