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Challenged by Your ESP? Download Our New eBook on ESP Therapy

Choosing a new ESP is a major undertaking, one that costs time and money. It only makes sense to first see if perhaps you can salvage the relationship with the ESP you already have, by getting some ESP therapy. If you missed the DMA webinar we did in September on improving […]

email marketing features you want vs why you want them can mean confusion

ESP Email Marketing Features: What You Want vs. Why You Want Them

When organizations go shopping for a new email service provider or similar vendor, there’s often a disconnect between the email marketing features they want and the reasons behind wanting them. As a company that helps businesses to choose the vendor that is the best fit, we see this time and […]

6 Things You Might not Know About Your ESP—but Should!

They say ignorance is bliss, but in truth it’s expensive—especially in the world of email. So let’s take a few minutes to talk about some topics that usually don’t come up during sales pitches or negotiations when considering email service providers. At ClickMail, we often see clients confused by these […]

Webinar: Get Some ESP Therapy to Find Out if It’s Time to Say Goodbye to that Email Service Provider

If you’re having issues with your email service provider, and you’re wondering if it’s time for a switch, this upcoming DMA webinar is a “must do” for you. On September 15th, we’ll be sponsoring a webinar on just that very topic—but on an unusual aspect of it. Rather than tell […]

Why Switching Email Service Providers Can Be Good for Your Email Health

If you work in a corporate environment, chances are you’re familiar with wellness programs. Originally intended to encourage physical health on the part of employees in order to reduce sick days and healthcare costs, wellness programs now run the gamut and even include stress reduction and financial wellness. Now I, […]

Is There Really Any Good Reason to Switch Email Service Providers? Yes!

Recently in a LinkedIn group, a member challenged ESPs to give good reasons to switch, because of the high financial and time costs of doing so. He stated that he had yet to see a succinct reason to switch, and wondered if there were any. Well, of course I had […]

6 Problems You Can’t Fix With a New Email Service Provider

ClickMail’s Michael Kelly spoke this month at Fashion Digital in Los Angeles on a much-anticipated topic (judging by all of the tweets before, during and after): What switching ESPs won’t fix. Since email marketing is a key part of almost any industry’s marketing makeup, not just fashion’s, and because the […]

if you're frustrated with your email service provider, try these tips

How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Email Service Provider (Instead of Ditching Them Altogether)

Experts say companies switch email service providers (ESPs) on average about every two years. If you’ve been through such a grueling process as this, you might wonder why switching is such a common occurrence when it can be so costly and time-consuming. Obviously, if a poor choice was made the […]

Looking for the Best Email Service Provider? Sometimes a Smaller ESP Makes Sense

Marketers are often drawn to the big email service providers and why not? They usually have a big name, a big presence, and really big (and sometimes really fun) user conferences. Sometimes, however, a big ESP isn’t necessarily the best fit for a company, even if that company has a […]