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Step Away From the Email Analytics! 6 Ways to Get a Big Picture View

Two years ago we launched eMVision, a unique and innovative email analytics tool that integrations Tableau Software with the email reporting of major ESPs such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Since that launch, we have spent a lot of time talking to clients and other email marketers about email reporting and […]

Mobile Is NOT the Answer to the Broken Promises of Business Intelligence

In a recent article, CMSWire touted the mobile functionality of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, powered by the Wave platform, detailing how Salesforce is enabling analytics on the go. Since the article started out being about the “broken promises” of business intelligence, it can lead one to believe that being mobile […]

“Half the Money Is Wasted…”–Use Email Analytics, and Know What’s Working

I suspect every marketer has heard this famous line at least once during their careers: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” That famous quote is attributed to John Wanamaker, an American merchant and the first retailer to place a […]

email analytics help you find monsters in your email program

Use Email Analytics to Find Those Monsters Under the Bed

We are definitely in a Halloween-y mood here at ClickMail. Maybe it’s because we have so many kids of trick-or-treating age who are getting antsy about the upcoming event. Or maybe it’s because Halloween is popping up all over as people change their Facebook profile pictures to the creepy ones […]

a good email analysis tool should guide your email marketing

Email Analysis Should Guide Marketing, Especially When Switching ESPs

Lately, we’ve published a few blog posts about migrating from one ESP to another when switching ESPs. I’ve read these posts with interest because I’ve helped with several such migrations since joining the ClickMail team. While helping with these ESP migrations, I’ve noticed that whenever a new platform is being […]