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Will Smaller Email Service Providers Fill the Vacuum Left by the Big 3?

Did you hear that loud sucking sound last year as the enterprise-level ESPs got sucked into bigger companies? We got to wondering, with the three major email service providers all now absorbed by Fortune 500 companies (ExactTarget by Salesforce, Responsys by Oracle, and Silverpop by IBM), what does the future […]

Marketers Want Email Analytics–Can the ESPs Deliver?

Here at ClickMail, we have access to some unique data due to the ESPinator. The ESPinator is a free online tool we built a few years ago to help marketers looking for a new email service provider (ESP) to narrow their list of possible ESP choices. As thousands of marketers have […]

email analytics help you find monsters in your email program

Use Email Analytics to Find Those Monsters Under the Bed

We are definitely in a Halloween-y mood here at ClickMail. Maybe it’s because we have so many kids of trick-or-treating age who are getting antsy about the upcoming event. Or maybe it’s because Halloween is popping up all over as people change their Facebook profile pictures to the creepy ones […]