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Once Again: That Preview Pane Must Adhere to Email Best Practices

Can we ever say enough about the importance of the Preview Pane…and testing? Not yet! There are too many examples of email best practices being ignored, and ineffective Preview Panes are the result. The biggest issue, seems to me, or should I say the most flagrant disregard of email best practices, is ignoring the significance […]

Your eye as email rendering tool


Can Image Blocking Be A Good Thing?

A fascinating bit of information on email image blocking can be found on page six of MarketingSherpa‘s 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide: “In the version with blocked images, we see a higher percentage reading the entire headline instead of scanning and skipping down, which appears to be related to the pull of the image below. […]

Just When You Thought You Had ‘alt’ Tags Figured Out…

…Mark Brownlow of Email Marketing Reports gives us email marketing people a great article warning of the pitfalls of ‘alt’ tags.  As he points out, different email clients handle blocked images different ways.  For one thing, it’s not just about the alt text, although many email marketers focus on that. You have to be careful about […]


When it comes to image blocking, email marketers still don’t see the light

Half of users have their images turned off, meaning when that visually stimulating email you so meticulously designed with rich graphics arrives in their inbox, it fails miserably to impress. Imagine all your pretty pictures replaced with empty boxes…empty except for the accusing little red x in the corner. Sadly this is an all too […]