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The Top 4—and Least Known—Strategies for List Growth

We’re a numbers-obsessed society, wanting to watch numbers either increase (in our bank accounts) or decrease (on our scales). There’s one place, however, where the email marketer must tread carefully when it comes to numbers, and that’s when you’re growing your email list. This is not the time or place […]

The High Cost of Bad Data…and What You Can Do About It

The size of your customer contact base matters little if the records you cherish aren’t perfectly accurate. And judging by a recent study, chances are, they’re not. During December 2012, database marketing company Experian QAS commissioned a survey of over 800 business executives across the U.S., France, and the United […]

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For Email Deliverability, Sometimes Less (on your Lists) Means More

(Updated July 2018) So, you’ve crossed all your email marketing t’s and dotted all your email marketing best practices i’s with a targeted, relevant offer sent only to subscribers who opted in to your campaigns. Then you learn a major ISP has blocked your IP address due to spam complaints. […]

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More Email Marketing Best Practices for Building Email Lists

Check out this dialog between a group of noteworthy email marketing experts for advice on building your permission-based, in-house email list. Each has a different point of view, but it’s interesting to note recurring themes…OK, it’s not interesting, it’s critical knowledge. Throughout this dialog (and not including the sales pitches), […]

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Email Marketing Best Practices for Growing Your List: Use a Real Person!

Sometimes in my continuous search for email marketing best practices advice, I get the sense that I’ve seen it all before. Being surprised with new ideas is a treat. At first I would have claimed there was nothing new in this short MarketingProfs article on growing your in-house email list. […]

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Email Marketing Best Practice in Action: Have a Print Out of a Sample Email to Encourage Subscribers

With the publication of our last email marketing newsletter on list building do’s and don’t’s, it seems I’m seeing examples left, right and center! I don’t know if that’s just because I’m paying attention because it’s top of mind, or if it’s because our email newsletter article was so timely, […]