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Email Best Practices for Double Opt-Ins that Actually Get the Opt-Ins

In an age of omni-channel marketing, with marketers integrating social media and email marketing campaigns and digging deep into Big Data, the phrase “double opt-in” sounds a bit, well, old-fashioned. Who’s thinking about that any more? In other words, we’ve got bigger fish to fry these days! But hold on. […]

Email Best Practices: Testing My Patience with Your Testing…or Lack of

eMarketer’s article on lack of the email best practice of testing, based on an eROI study, is interesting as an indicator of how we far we are from paying attention to high standards in email marketing. But beyond the numbers in the report are some scary possibilities… “…37.1% of US […]

More Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Google “email marketing mistakes” and you’ll get a lot of the same old advice: use permission-based email marketing, be relevant, don’t over email, etc. All good advice! But not that helpful if you’ve been in the email marketing industry for a while and you’ve got the basics down. That’s why […]