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New Dedicated IP Address? Use These Tips to Warm Up Your New IP Address the Right Way

When sending from a new dedicated IP address, it is important to “warm up” that IP in order to establish a good reputation as a legitimate email sender with the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!. You might have been an established sender with your old IP address, but now that you […]

tips for warming up dedicated IP address

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Rebuilding Your Sender Reputation Takes Time, Even If You Weren’t the Bad Guy in the First Place

Imagine your email marketing program is humming right along, deliverability is about where it should be, and you’re tweaking and testing for those incremental improvements you know will add up–when all of a sudden you’re seeing a 95% bounce rate when emailing subscribers using Gmail. That is practically every single Gmail address on your list. […]

What Is a Sender Reputation, and How Do You Improve It to Improve Email Deliverability?

Because email deliverability is a big part of what we do here at ClickMail, we talk a lot about sender reputation. Yet is everyone clear on what is meant by sender reputation? A quick scan of past posts tells me this topic has been talked about but not actually explained. Until now… Your sender reputation […]

why you want an excellent sender reputation

What determines your online reputation? And what can you do about it?

Last time we covered the importance of your digital reputation for deliverability and therefore email marketing ROI. This time, we cover what determines that reputation in the first place. As we said last time, ISPs are relying more and more on a marketer’s reputation when deciding which emails to let through. Why do you care […]

In the world of email marketing, your reputation matters. A lot.

Do you know your reputation? Do you care? No, it’s not a popularity contest, but you should be paying attention to your reputation because it affects your deliverability. And your deliverability rates are key to your email marketing ROI. Deliverability is a top challenge for online marketers using email marketing. Having a great design and […]