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should you ask for likes or shares in your email marketing

Likes vs. Shares: What Should Your Email Ask For?

Although I titled this post, “What Should Your Email Ask For,” I could have titled it, “To Get What You Really Want, Ask for What You Really Need,” because that’s what we’re actually talking about. If you’re including social media buttons in your email marketing, it’s for one of two […]

enterprise email marketing knocks out social boxing gloves

Pit Email vs. Social, and Email Wins for Enterprise Email Marketing Every Time

Social media–it pervades our lives, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and more. And the impact of social media on marketing has been equally pervasive, to the point that it’s nearly impossible to fully comprehend. Yet, that doesn’t mean social media marketing replaces traditional marketing methods. For all the bling […]

Social Seems Sexy, But Email Equals Sales

Email marketers are used to numbers…lots of numbers. That’s because numbers matter in email. How many people are on your list? What was your email deliverability rate on that last campaign? How many were opened? How many click throughs? How many conversions? Unsubscribes? Forwards? Spam complaints? Numbers are so core […]