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Subject Line Analysis Report Offers New Insight Into This Critical Content 1

Adestra has published a report on subject lines that ought to be a must-read for every marketer, regardless of industry, because it’s an eye opener (or reminder) of the big huge impact one little word can have. Subject lines can always benefit from optimization because they affect not only open and click-through rates, but unsubscribe […]

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Subject Line Best Practices: How the Brands in Kelly’s Inbox Stack Up

A while back, I posted a photo of my inbox so I (as a copywriter) could delve into the good, bad and ugly sides of preheader text. Doing so prompted me to ask others at ClickMail to send me screenshots of their inboxes out of curiosity, so I could see how other brands do at […]

Subject Line Best Practices: The Thin Line Between Intrigue & Insult?

If you’re in email marketing—and you probably are if you’re reading this—you probably got the same email I did from an unnamed national marketing organization whose name rhymes with Bee Hem Way, one with a questionable subject line. That subject line? “You’re wasting your time.” Uh, what? Buy me a drink first, people! Leading with […]

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“Are You Mad at Me?” Yes! For Having the Worst Subject Line Ever!

I know I’m not the only one who does email triage while getting ready for work in the morning. You do it too, right? Checking email on your smartphone and deleting those that don’t matter so you won’t have to mess with them once at work in front of your computer?   It turns out […]

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Subject Lines With Staying Power

Question: How old is the oldest email in your inbox? Chances are it’s more than a few days old—maybe even more than a few weeks old. As I write this, I see the oldest message sitting in my inbox showed up over a year ago! This is one more reason for writing killer subject lines. Yes, […]

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Speak Customer! Email Expert Advice for Subject Lines and Headlines

Speak Customer! Email Expert Advice for Subject Lines and Headlines

Both your subject line and headline play critical roles in getting people to open your emails. Once you’ve mastered the From line and got their attention that way, next up is your subject line. If that peaks their interest, your Preview Pane and headline are next in line for keeping them moving right along into […]

Subject Line Length: Test for Results

Subject line best practices tend to be all over the map.  We’ve seen studies claiming the shorter subject line is better, and others saying longer subject lines are. And we’ve seen studies saying personalization works and other saying it doesn’t. On subject lines, don’t assume you know the best length. Instead, test, test, test. What’s an […]

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Test Those Subject Lines!

In our last post, we talked about the importance of testing your email schedule for deliverability to mobile devices, given the prevalence of mobile devices on bedside tables and the increase in email engagement in the “wee hours” of the morning and weekends. This is a new trend that is only happening due to the […]