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The Trouble with Email Marketing Best Practices: “Best” Practices Only Make You Average

Good is the enemy of great. So says Jim Collins in his best selling book, “Good to Great.” He is referring to businesses that decide they are good enough, which means they are settling and no longer striving to be the best they can be. And that’s why the term “best practices” is misleading: Adhering […]

why email marketing best practices only make you average

Testing as Email Marketing Best Practices? New eBook Makes A/B Split Tests Easy

Test, test and test again…that’s a mantra you’ll hear a lot from this email marketing consultant, because it is only by testing that you can continually improve what works for your organization. Why email best practices alone aren’t enough Email marketing best practices have their place, but testing is the only way to know for […]

new ebook on ab email testing teaches you email marketing best practices for testing

101 Email Marketing Pieces You Could Be (Should Be?) Testing

Morgan Stewart’s List of 101 Things You Could Be Testing

One of the advantages to working with so many email marketing companies and getting so much email is being inundated with so many emails. OK, that might not sound like an advantage. But from an educational and best practices standpoint, it is! That’s because there is always a great history of best practices advice,  comparative analyses, and other information in our inbox, making the inbox […]

Subject Line Length: Test for Results

Subject line best practices tend to be all over the map.  We’ve seen studies claiming the shorter subject line is better, and others saying longer subject lines are. And we’ve seen studies saying personalization works and other saying it doesn’t. On subject lines, don’t assume you know the best length. Instead, test, test, test. What’s an […]

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Email Deliverability Best Practices: Can We Say Enough About Testing? No!

Testing is a topic that has come up a lot lately at our email marketing vendor offices. We encourage constant testing all the time. Not to say you should test every single factor every single time. But always be testing by choosing something to test every time you do an email. It could be anything from […]

Email Deliverability Best Practices: Can We Say Enough About Testing? No!

Testing, Testing: Testing as a Best Practice for Email Marketing

Testing, Testing: Testing as a Best Practice for Email Marketing

Email is a beautiful marketing tool because it is measurable. Although that can be a blessing and a curse, a blessing if you’re testing and learning, a curse if you’re not. What good is all that data if you’re not learning from and acting upon it? Best practices for email marketing require that you test. […]

Email Marketing Best Practices: Be Targeted and Specific in Every Little Detail

You’ve seen countless references to being relevant and targeted as an email marketing best practice. Do we always know what that means? When I talk to clients about being targeted and specific in their messaging to their prospects and customers, I use this favorite example: If I tell you to picture a car, you could […]


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Are You Testy? Count That Among Your Best Practices for Email Marketing

We harp on best practices for email marketing, as you know if you spend any time with this email marketing blog. And among those best practices is testing. As an email marketing vendor, we talk a lot about testing, but we don’t see a whole lot of it really going on. So here’s an idea […]