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The Value of Automated Emails…and How to Get It

If you haven’t yet considered automating your marketing as part of your email strategy, here’s one good reason to change your mind: competitive edge. According to MarketingSherpa’s 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, about half of businesses are using welcome and thank you emails. However, transactional emails were used by far […]

improve email marketing best practices in six months or less

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Program in Six Months or Less

It’s the beginning of a new year. Advice is flying at you from all directions. Predictions too. 2011 this and 2011 that… It can be a little overwhelming for an email marketer, especially in light of the growth of social media and all the buzz about content marketing! At the […]

email marketing best practices: selling in transactional emails works

Email Marketing Best Practices: Selling in Transactional Emails Works

As one of the email marketing vendors striving to help clients know about and implement email marketing best practices, we push clients to market in their transactional emails too. A transactional email might be a welcome email, a shipping notice, or even a confirmation email. And now a MarketingSherpa case […]

Email Best Practices for Receipts: Meet Their Expectations for Timing

Again and again, you’ll hear those of us at email marketing vendor ClickMail Marketing talk about relevance and expectations as part of your email best practices. That’s because your subscribers and customers have all the power. They can unsubscribe. They can report you as spam. They can choose to delete […]