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Is Your Fear of Frequency Justified? Rethinking Email Marketing Best Practices

You’ve heard of urban legends and old wives’ tales, of course, but did you know the email marketing industry has its own legends and tales? The email marketing industry—and perhaps all industries—is rife with beliefs and best practices based on heresy, not fact. Alchemy Worx shed light on one of […]


“It’s not you, it’s me” Reasons Behind an Unsubscribe

(Updated July 2018) Just as it’s hard not to take personally the sit-down conversation over a glass of wine that often begins with: “we need to talk” and ends with: “it’s not you, it’s me,” seeing a former subscriber go strikes a very familiar emotion-cocktail of confused/hurt/angry/dumbstruck feelings. But as […]

Email Marketing Best Practices: Unsubscribe Is Only One Word

What’s in a word? Everything. And the words you choose can either help your subscribers, prospects and customers feel like they have some control, or make them feel like they’re at your mercy. Email marketing best practices require you to pay attention to every word, every time…or else. Case in […]