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Likes vs. Shares: What Should Your Email Ask For?

Although I titled this post, “What Should Your Email Ask For,” I could have titled it, “To Get What You Really Want, Ask for What You Really Need,” because that’s what we’re actually talking about. If you’re including social media buttons in your email marketing, it’s for one of two reasons: Either you want people […]

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welcome emails are the welcome mat of email marketing

5 Reasons for a Welcome Email Series (and 11 Ways to Rock It)

If you’re a consumer, a welcome email is a welcome thing. Yet only about 50% of businesses send welcome emails. If you’re in the segment sending welcome emails, kudos! The welcome email is the most read of every type of email you will send, and it’s the first step in the right direction. Now we […]

Engage Already! 7 Ways to Avoid the Re-Activation Email With Email Marketing Best Practices

Bad news: Not everyone cares what’s in your email message. And over time, the trend is towards ever less interest in your content and offers. The once enthusiastic subscriber–new to the relationship with your brand and eagerly opening each email you send–is eventually replaced by a disinterested bystander who’s more likely to click delete than […]

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value of automated email

The Value of Automated Emails…and How to Get It

If you haven’t yet considered automating your marketing as part of your email strategy, here’s one good reason to change your mind: competitive edge. According to MarketingSherpa’s 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, about half of businesses are using welcome and thank you emails. However, transactional emails were used by far less than half (40%) and […]

Welcome Emails Engage!

Do you know the capitalist adage about business, “If you’re not growing, you’re shrinking”? It means your business must constantly be on a growth curve, never stagnant because stagnant is the same as stuck and falling behind. In today’s world of email marketing, we might alter that adage to say, “If you’re not engaging, you’re […]

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How to Improve Your Email Marketing Program in Six Months or Less

It’s the beginning of a new year. Advice is flying at you from all directions. Predictions too. 2011 this and 2011 that… It can be a little overwhelming for an email marketer, especially in light of the growth of social media and all the buzz about content marketing! At the risk of tossing even more […]

Your Welcome Email Sets the Tone for the Relationship: Don’t be Rude! Be Welcoming!

Our favorite email copywriter just spent a few days with family in another state and returned with tales of family visit woe. Whenever she visits her brother, she’s reminded what a horrible host he is. One is very much left to fend for oneself when in his home, but it’s even more than that. One literally […]


Email Marketing Best Practices: The Welcome Email Is Vital but Still Under-Used

What kind of greeting do your new subscribers get? A warm one? A cold one? Or none at all? Email marketing vendors Smith-Harmon and Responsys released their joint Retail Welcome Email Benchmark Study earlier this month, with good news and bad news about how well the email marketing industry is doing when it comes to […]


Why not welcome your email subscribers? 1

Once again, the numbers show that marketers are missing out on a critical touch point with their email subscribers: Return Path recently found that 60% of the companies studied fail to send out a welcome email message to a new subscriber. We all know from our own experiences as real-life people who sign up for […]